Our office helps patients of during all stages of life to get and keep their best oral health, including infants, children, teens, adults, pregnant women, and adults over age 55. Our office offers a wide range of dental services to help every member of the family. Some of our services include:

  • Preventative care: annual exams and bi-annual cleanings, sealants, fluoride treatments, proper home oral care routine and techniques, tooth-colored fillings
  • Cosmetic procedures: teeth straightening for teens and adults, whitening treatments, veneers, minor cosmetic adjustments
  • Restorative procedures: replace a missing tooth with a crown or missing teeth with a bridge or dentures, dental implants may be added for a longer lasting, more secure fit
  • Special areas: custom mouth guards for protection during sports and physical activity, mouth guards for night to stop teeth grinding and jaw clenching, treatments for gum disease, dental emergencies